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Champion of Water Alliance

Champion of Water Alliance (CWA) is an initiative that was launched on Earth Day 2011. It promotes the wise use of water resource and innovation. Also, it aims to improve the water environment and promote ecological civilization construction through introducing the most practical methods.

Champion of Water Alliance achieves its goal through using a regional approach and global outreach. Four major elements include, ‘Sharing, Mobilizing, Adopting and Educating’.

Its program focuses include:
(1) marking water bottles;
(2) washing cars with a bucket of water;
(3) cultivating young environmental leaders;
(4) Art + Green Hope

Furthermore, with the partnership of schools and educational institutions, the Alliance highlights the importance of education on water conservation and aims to bring its ideas to intensive communities in both urban and remote areas. My Friend Boo is one of the tools which the CWA are using for its education purposes. The edutainment cartoon will be distributed in thousands of Chinese schools.


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