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GKF Development

GKF Development is a Hungarian company, founded in 2010 with the objective of spreading green energy and green thinking in Hungary.

The organisation participates in certain EU projects covering building and construction using renewable energies, installing cutting edge heating and cooling systems and educating children and adults in sustainable development.

Currently, they manage more than 20 projects in schools throughout the country educating children how to think responsibly in terms of environment protection, healthy diet, sports and socializing. GKF Development uses My Friend Boo in this project.

They are also preparing more than 50 similar projects targetting adults in the workplace.

GKF also takes part in numerous projects in the field of building reconstruction, putting emphasis on green energy. In this respect, they mainly work with schools, kindergartens, religious institutions and local government.


GKF Development (In Hungarian) http://gkf.hu/gkf-development/

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