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Animate-EU: Animations to Inspire our Future Generations is a 12 months project, supported by the “Broadcasting the EU” programme, managed by the EU Delegation in Skopje. It builds on three current European Commission’s funded projects which have been brought together to co-produce 3 thematic strands of a new fun-filled animated series for children called My Friend Boo. The aim of the series is to help young viewers understand some of today’s most important world issues like energy and climate change, the environment and conservation, and health.

Thanks to the support of the EU Delegation (Delegation of the European Union to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) the series has been dubbed in Macedonian and Albanian and broadcast on two national TV broadcasters: TV Telma for Macedonian audiences and on TV Alsat for Albanian audiences. In addition the animation series is accompanied by teaching packs which have also been translated in Macedonian and Albanian for teachers and educators.
Our partners:

Business Solutions Europa – Business Solutions Europa is a dynamic EU Projects and Communication agency which aims to bring Europe closer to Europeans through creative communication projects. Their team of project managers, communications and broadcast specialists will be responsible for managing Animate EU throughout the 12 months of the project.
Business Solutions Europa is the driving force of My Friend Boo and is currently involved in other initiatives aimed to communicate public policies to younger audiences.

For more information please contact Axel Donzelli and visit our website
FEJS – Local partner
The Forum for European Journalism Students is a non-profit independent organization dedicated to the exchange of information between European citizens interested in journalism. They have contributed to develop an extensive network at local organizations and contacts with the local broadcast media.
The series, as announced, began broadcasting on the two national TV stations Telma and Alsat through the Petko – Pet Plus TV show for children starting from November 12, 2010. Following their premiere the episodes are being broadcast, one per strand, every Wednesday and Friday with additional repetition of three episodes each Saturday.

Please visit for more information about Boo and friends, the rationale behind the project, the innovative methodology applied to produce the series, download the teaching material and much more…
PRE-LAUNCH – Skopje – 11 May 2010
In conjunction with the Europe Day week, the Delegation of the European Union to the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, FEJS and Business Solutions Europa organized on May 11th at the EU Info Centre the pre-launch of My Friend Boo.

Erwan Fouéré, Special Representative of the European Union and Head of the Delegation of the European Union, opened the event stating that “The Delegation is very proud to support the cartoons of My Friend Boo into Macedonian and Albanian language under their Information & Communication Programme as they believe that children are one of our most important target groups”.

Press, broadcasters, NGOs and educators, together with children from two local classrooms, watched for the first time one episode of My Friend Boo, both in Macedonian and Albanian. And they loved it!

Have a look at the videos of the Pre-Launch…

Reportage from TV ERA

Reportage from Kanal 5

See the photos from the Pre-Launch…

… and read the feedback from the local press:
Click here to read the pre-launch press report: press report pdf
Click here to read the pre-launch press release: press report pdf
PUBLIC LAUNCH - Vero Centre in Skopje - 31 October 2010
This event was held on October 31st, 2010 at Vero Centre in Skopje. The aim was to organize the event in a public place, such as a shopping mall, so as to reach and receive the widest possible audience.

The public launch was opened by Mr. Erwan Fouéré, EU Special Representative who welcomed and greeted an audience of around 500 guests and passengers and further addressed the media on the occasion of the premiering of the animated series “My Friend Boo”.

The physical space of the event location permitted the organization and implementation of activities which attracted all of the target group’s attention through:
  • Premiere screening of the episode “Switch It Off” from the Energy strand of the animation series “My Friend Boo”
  • An adapted ballet performed by children of the target group who depicted scenes from the animations in real life in order to bring closer the contents and messages of the characters in the series
  • Multiple activities for children which were embedded with messages from the Healthy Living strand of the series and included: a dance and physical activity lesson, creative workshops for children, interactive balloon modelling, magic and juggling and finally a real life version of a game activity related to energy efficiency taken from the Teaching Pack for the Energy strand.
The concept of an open event was agreed between Business Solutions Europa and FEJS to ensure and pull towards a broad audience which would not only include the primary target group of children aged 5-8 but moreover, openly include the secondary target groups of parents, teachers, private and public stakeholders.

See the videos from the Public Launch...

See the photos from the Public Launch...
For more information about the project please contact Axel Donzelli
Supported by the EU Delegation in Skopje through the "Broadcasting the EU" Programme
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