As the aim of YES was to a create positive, inspiring and fun animation about energy conservation, renewable energies and sustainable transport, the animators have been working with leading environmental experts from WWF and REC throughout the entire production process to ensure that the story lines hit the right note – both in terms of the main issues at stake and the key messages to convey to children between 5 and 8 years old.

Click to see their briefing material:
WWF Introduction to climate change and energy

REC Statistical slides on energy

Want to know more about energy?
Try these websites and information sources:
The European Commissionís Energy page, gives you all the information on energy, the state of European legislation in this area. It also provides details on the major energy solutions and a lot more!
The Intelligent Energy Europe programme moves us towards a more energy intelligent Europe through projects, publications, initiatives and others.
The regional Environmental center, one of our partners, provides you with useful information on energy efficiency and sustainable energies.
RECís Green Pack is a useful tool for teachers providing practical information, activities and tasks about energy and the environment
Green Pack junior is dedicated to children from 7 to 10 years old. Green Pack Junior presents 10 environmental topics about the environment, society and economic development. These topics demonstrate how humanity both depends on and affects the environment we live in.
WWF, also one of our partners, gives more information on their work in this area and gives you practical information on the tools we can all use to become more energy intelligent
Kids4Future, another IEE funded project, aims to increase awareness, form positive attitudes, and develop knowledge and understanding regarding energy use and its environmental consequences.
Find out more about how to learn to save energy and the environment by having fun
There are a lot of funny ways to learn new things! Check them out!
Energy: Let’s save it! A short animation to save the planet!
Want to know more technical details about the need of consuming less and choosing renewable?
The Kids Corner of the managenergy initative: chose your language and learn how to save energy!
This site will help you to identify what you can do to help your community meet
The overall goal of the FLICK THE SWITCH project, which is being supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, is to get European kids from primary and secondary schools into the habit of switching off lights and devices when they are not in use.
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