YES has for the first time brought together a young and creative team from across Europe with plenty of expertise and plenty of energy! They are:

Business Solutions Europa Project Coordination and Communication
Business Solutions Europa is a dynamic EU Projects and Communication agency which aims to bring Europe closer to Europeans. Their team of project managers, communications and broadcast specialists will be responsible for managing YES throughout the 2 years of the project.  For more information please visit
Griffilms Animation
GRIFFILMS has over 15 years experience in producing high-quality animated programming and graphics and is one of Wales’ most successful animation companies. For more information please visit
The REC Content and Messaging
The Regional Environmental Center (REC) is an independent international organization. The REC works in various fields of sustainable development, bridging solutions and stakeholders of issues, such as climate change, renewable energy, environmental information and environmental education. For more information please visit
WWF European Policy Programme – Content and Messaging
WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is one of the largest and most respected independent conservation organisations in the world. WWF’s European Policy Office is the representation office to the European Union for the global WWF network, and contributes to strengthen EU policies for the protection of the European and global environment. For more information please visit
Explora – Kids Coordinator
Explora – Il museo dei Bambini di Roma is a not-for-profit organization, and the first Italian museum designed primarily for children, school and families. In this child-sized play-town visitors come into contact with facts, phenomena and everyday events on the environment, communication, economy and new technologies. Children are offered the opportunity to discover the mystery of how things function through observation, touch and experiments, all with the help of facilitators. Explora welcomes more than 115.000 visitors each year. For more information please visit
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