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Young Energy Savers (YES) is a fun and exciting new TV animation project aimed at raising awareness among children aged 5 to 8 about energy consumption.

The two-year project, supported by the European Commission, has been led by animators, international environmental organizations and children from five European countries. It resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge three-part animated film, available to broadcasters from across the European Union and further afield.

Each eight-minute episode of the animation covers issues from energy conservation (‘switch it off!’), renewable energies (‘the three alternatives’) and sustainable transport (‘on your bike’) and is available in English, Bulgarian, Flemish/Dutch, Italian and Polish and many more languages.

YES enabled groups of children to get hands-on experience of working with award-winning animators and environmental experts to create a project that is truly innovative.

The animation is accompanied by a dynamic teaching pack for use in schools across the EU. The teaching pack is available for free here, giving pupils an opportunity to explore energy issues in more detail, and of course have a little fun too!

The YES project pioneered an innovative methodology and a fun and entertaining animation series known as ‘My Friend Boo’. YES three episodes constitute the ‘My Friend Boo Energy Strand’. To learn more about the series and the other strands, please visit:

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